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  • Libourne
  • Actif depuis 1995, avec une pause entre 2000 et 2007
  • Membres : David Fellonneau, Kristof Fellonneau, Sabine Aggoun
  • Groupes parallèles : Arthur Kaos
  • En trois titres : « Looking For A Breach » sur Underneath (1998), « Nothing to Give » sur Head-on (1996), « Black Ink Stains » sur Counterclockwise (2014)

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1997 EP Head-On (Weird Rds)

1998 EP Underneath (Vicious Circle)

2000 V/A 7″ 45 Secondes Pour Tuer Portobello Bones (Another War, Another Peace)

2006 LP Everything Gets Distorded (Interference)

2014 EP Counterclockwise (Day Off, Some Produkt, After Before)

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Noise rock band located in Libourne, France. Basement was created at the end of 1995 inspired by various American bands such as Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Fugazi, Cop shoot cop or Distorted Pony. The band’s first EP entitled “Head on“ was recorded by Fred Norguet (Burning Heads, Portobello Bones, Ez3kiel…) and was released by Weird records/Tripsichord in October 1996. This dark spellbinding hardcore record came to tease the successful Amphetamine Reptile company. After touring all over France, the band went back to the studio to record their second EP. Just like “Head on“, “Underneath“ was produced by Fred Norguet but was released by Vicious Circle/Pias in March 1998. This record proved that the band deserved its place in the French noise and Post hardcore music world. The three members of Basement spent the following two years playing their songs on stage in France and Europe and were selected for the FAIR in 2000. 2007 marks the return of Basement after a quite long break. There is now a fourth member in the band and they have just released a new record, “Everything gets distorted“, made of 8 tense songs combining strength and melody. This time the band has worked with the French producer Nicolas Dick (Kill the Thrill), Jean Michel Gimenez (Tantrum / cover and artwork), Interference (management) and After Before (booking). With a ten year long existence and after two records and more than 500 shows, Basement is back and ready to prove it on stage all over Europe and USA… New Ep « Counterclockwise », recorded and mixed by Serge Morattel at RecStudio, Geneva (CH), October/November 2013, mastered at Golden Mastering, Los Angeles (USA), April 2014, is available now on SomeProdukt and DayOff. (Source : Discogs)

Dans les fanzines de l’époque

  • Le bassiste d’Arthur Kaos (Jean-Louis) démissionne précipitamment à 2 mois d’une tournée en Italie. Sabine, la manager, le remplace et le groupe devient « Basement » (Brainless #4)
  • Le trio est formé de Sabine et d’une fratrie : David et Kristof Fellonneau
  • Jesus Lizard, Unsane sont les influences principales déclarées (Brainless #4)
  • « Head-On » est le 1e disque, 1 an après la naissance du groupe (Brainless #4)
  • Sabine s’est faite cracher dessus à Montpellier (Brainless #4)